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History of Jude Brother Builders

Jude Brothers Custom Homes established itself as a premier custom home builder of unsurpassed quality in 1992. The Jude brothers carry on a family tradition inspired by their grandfather; who was a master carpenter and crafted homes in the northern climates nearly 60 years ago. He taught his grandsons the traditional way of doing things and passed down the philosophy that getting the basics of the house right meant that the final product would be a good one.

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The Jude Brothers’ first real taste of home remodeling came when their parents purchased a farmhouse in Wisconsin that was built in 1863 and was in desperate need of repair. They learned everything from framing and plumbing to electrical work as part of life on the farm and found themselves active in the local construction industry, where Mike and Pat built Dome Homes.

Pat ended up specializing in plumbing and electrical work. After earning his degree at Wisconsin University, Pat wrestled with the idea of being a Veternarian, but always liked using his hands; so he continued working in the construction field. Tom was involved in framing and exterior work and moved to the Northeast to start his own commercial building business.

When the market turned down in the late 1970's, Mike returned to school, working his way through as a mason, and obtained his BS at Western Illinois University, where he met his future wife, Kirsten. They moved to Dallas, where Mike completed his Masters from Southern Methodist University.

When Mike moved to Austin, he started his own firm, Research Development Corp. Tom joined his brother in Austin, and his experience with commercial building and custom homes led him to jobs with a few of the large construction firms in the area; eventually building the homes for both the general manager and the president of Scott Felder Homes. Eventually, Pat also made Austin his home, where he promptly set in motion the future Jude Brothers Custom Homes by launching Jude Brothers Excavation.

The trio decided that fate was at work. The decision to build homes again was based on solid business practices, as Austin was ripe for booming; and the three brothers had the expertise. Their philosophy emphasizes building efficient homes with solid foundations and superior frames that are braced with more timber and steel than the industry standard. Their creative ability to maximize the potential of a floor plan is shown over and over again. They see a house as not merely lines on a piece of paper, but a three-dimensional structure that a family must interact with and use effectively. As the owners of the company, they can make improvements on the spot during construction. The changes may be small or elaborate. Their goal is to utilize all of the available space in the house to the greatest extent possible.

They began small, in the $100,000 range; but soon moved up into bigger and more elaborate projects. Jude Brothers Custom Homes builds from $500,000 to $1 million homes with typical square footage from 3,500 to 6,000. The company also builds pools under Jude Brothers Custom Pools.

Jude Brothers believes that everyone deserves a beautiful home built on generations of quality service, superior materials and outstanding workmanship.